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A Progressive Approach to Health Care

Combining the best health care talent with the latest medical technologies. Harrisburg Medical Center is an award-winning 71 – bed non-profit 501(c)(3) Sole Community Hospital licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and is a member of the Illinois Hospital and Health Systems Association. HMC is accredited by the Joint Commission. We are a rural health hospital that serves a very rural community of approximately 54,000 people in five counties. Our services include: Accelerated Therapy Center, Home Health, Laboratory, Outpatient Clinics, Psychiatry, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Surgery, Cardiology Services, In Patient Dialysis, Non-Stemi Heart Program, Pain Management, STAT Heart Program, Stemi Heart  Program, Telemed, Hospitalist Program, Nephrology, Cardiac Rehab, Pulmonary Rehab, Orthopaedics, Podiatry, Stroke Program, Urology, and Wound Care.

Continually growing to meet the expanding needs of our patients - Harrisburg Medical Center completed multi-million-dollar expansions in the past decade including:

  • 2003 Medical Center Expansion – included an Oncology Infusion Unit, a mammography suite, surgical suites, Ambulatory Care expansion, and Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit.
  • 2005 Medical Center Expansion – Harrisburg Medical Center added a sterile supply unit and an additional waiting room, as well as a remodeled Imaging Services, Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacy, Lab, Medical Records and Nursing Administration Departments.
  • 2017 Medical Center Expansion – Harrisburg Medical Center completed a $9 million dollar expansion which included a new Emergency Room, additional operating rooms, and a New Main Entrance. During this time, HMC collaborated with Air Evac to offer an onsite  24/7 Air Evac services to the area.

History of Expansion

HMC has adopted an on-going plan to add outpatient services, as evidenced by the addition of the following clinics:

  • Additions in 2011 – Eldorado Primary Care (Child Psychologist)
  • Opened October 2011 – HMC Clinic at Mach Mine (Employee and Family Clinic)
  • Opened February 2012 – Alexander Family Practice Clinics (Marion and Harrisburg)
  • Additions in 2012 – Eldorado Primary Care (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Additions in 2013 – HMC Hospitalist Program
  • Additions in 2016Air Evac Lifeteam base and HMC Orthopaedics clinic
  • Additions in 2018Collaboration between HMC and Southern Illinois Psychiatry (located in Harrisburg, Eldorado and Marion)

After four years of continuous effort to improve patient care, quality and safety, while also improving the hospital’s financial performance and stability; the Board of Directors has turned its attention to the future. The hospital building and hospital equipment have been upgraded, and new clinics have been added; but these improvements are just the beginning.

The HMC Board of Directors has adopted a plan to make additional improvements to the HMC System. Among the most significant of these are:

  • A 6,000 Sq. Ft. Expansion of Eldorado Primary Care – Continued growth has necessitated additional space to meet clinic needs. Plans are underway to double the size of the clinic which, in addition to increasing the number of primary care providers, will also add a private behavioral health area, a visiting physician specialty clinic, an outpatient rehabilitation area and additional diagnostic services.
  • Relocation and Expansion of Alexander Family Practice – The Harrisburg office, doubled in size and moved to South Commercial Street and feature expanded services such as visiting specialty physicians and outpatient rehabilitation services. The Marion office will also expand and offer new services.

Extensive Behavioral Health Services:

  • Mulberry Center – Psychiatric Services Unit – a 30-bed in-patient behavioral health service for both adults and geriatric adults.


At Harrisburg Medical Center, our people are our greatest asset. From our administrative staff to our board of directors, Harrisburg Medical Center’s leadership is dedicated to serving the best interests of our patients, employees and organization. Learn more about our Mission Vision Values below.

A Commitment to Our Community