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Human Resources

Human Resources Development

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Harrisburg Medical Center’s Human Resource and Development Department goes to great lengths to attract and retain the highest quality and most qualified candidates for each and every position. Harrisburg Medical Center provides a comfortable and secure working environment. You feel like part of a large family each and every day. The wonderful staff takes the time to train each employee so they can give outstanding service to each one of our patients and guests.

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In addition to keeping our facilities at Harrisburg Medical Center well-maintained and spotless, these friendly professionals interact with patients as a listening ear. Also if patients have any questions, concerns regarding rooms and or housekeeping services, feel free to ask our Housekeeping professionals.

Plant Operations

The Plant Operations group at Harrisburg Medical Center continues to ensure our buildings and equipment run smoothly. From replacing “quiet wheels” on carts, to touching up paint, to upgrading televisions; the Plant Operations team does whatever it takes to solve challenges within Harrisburg Medical Center.

Health Information Management (HIM)

The Health Information Management (HIM) Department (also known as Medical Records) plays a vital role in the patient healthcare setting. HIM is responsible for the storage of all inpatient, observation, same day center charts, emergency department and behavioral health charts. The department is under the direction of Rita Ross, RHIT, CTR.

The main phone number for the HIM Department is 618.253.0267.

During the patient’s hospital stay, all data collected on the patient is placed within the patient’s electronic health record. Once the patient has been discharged, the patient’s health record proceeds to the analysis stage in which the chart is reviewed for any incomplete physician documentation, such as operative reports, discharge summaries, etc. The information is reviewed and any information that was not created within the electronic record is scanned into the Electronic Health Record.

After the analysis and review of the electronic health record is complete, the chart advances to the physician’s incomplete list within the electronic health record, and the physician(s) involved in the patient’s care are to review and complete the electronic health record’s documentation. Once completed by the physician(s) involved, the patient’s electronic health record is then a complete, legal electronic health record.

There are several additional, but just as vital, areas of the HIM Department.

Release of Information

This area of the HIM Department is responsible for the collection and distribution of the electronic health records requested by patients, physicians, other healthcare facilities, as well as lawyers and insurance companies. As the confidentiality of our patients is of the utmost importance, the release of information clerks are responsible for ensuring the proper authorization for health records release are obtained, and the release of records is done in a timely fashion. The hours of operation for release of information is 8:00am – 4:30pm CST, Monday – Friday. The direct phone number for the release of information desk is 618.253.0267.


The coding area of the HIM Department serves to assist the hospital with the billing for the Emergency Department, inpatient, observation, same day surgery, behavioral health and clinical records. The diagnoses given to a patient has a specific code assigned to it. The coders will review a patient’s electronic health record and assign the proper diagnosis codes to the patient in order for billing to be completed. There are strict federal, state and CMS guidelines that must be followed within the coding department to ensure the proper billing of the patient’s hospital stay.


Another vital area of the HIM Department is transcription. The transcription area is responsible for the collection of dictated reports by physicians, as well as the prompt and accurate transcription of the dictated reports. Accuracy is key! Any mistake in transcription would lead to incomplete or incorrect information in the patient chart, leading to inaccurate patient care. The transcription department types history and physicals, consultations, operative reports, radiology (diagnostic imaging) reports, cardiology reports, behavioral health reports and procedure reports dictated by the physicians on staff.

Business Office

For your convenience, the Harrisburg Medical Center Business Office staff is ready to answer your questions concerning payment arrangements, insurance coverage, uncompensated care, and assistance in applying for state and federal assistance programs such as Medicaid and Crime Victims. If patients do not have health insurance and full payment may not be an option at the time, the Business Office may be able to help. Our staff is dedicated to providing the attention patients need in order to resolve your account troubles as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our department encourages you to contact us with any questions or concerns at 618.253.7671 ext. 10498. The Business Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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Performance Improvement/Quality Monitoring

Working diligently to monitor our patient care, this team is focused on our processes and educating the staff on these changes. This has resulted in a steady and continuing increase in our Harrisburg Medical Center’s quality scores.

The performance improvement and quality monitoring program at Harrisburg Medical Center provides a reliable mechanism to review, monitor, evaluate, recommend, and implement actions on identified opportunities for improving patient care and services. This program provides a systematic process to monitor clinical and service aspects of health care delivered to all our patients. It includes an organized framework to carry out objective and systematic review activities to: identify opportunities to improve the quality of health care services provided, promote efficient and effective use of financial resources, and to improve health outcomes related to the individuals we serve. The program promotes consistency in application of performance improvement and quality monitoring related to the full scope of health care services provided by Harrisburg Medical Center.

Accounting/ Information Systems/ Materials Management

While these dedicated professionals do not interact with patients directly, they do provide invaluable support in the patient care process, assisting nurses, technicians and physicians.


The Accounting Department at HMC provides important support services such as processing payments to vendors and employees and preparing financial and statistical information. We also assist in the preparation of the annual budget and compile required regulatory reports with various government entities. Although not responsible for direct patient care, the Accounting Department directs efforts to maintain the fiscal health of the Hospital so that we can continue to treat patients for years to come.

Information Systems

This Department is responsible for all hardware and software at Harrisburg Medical Center and all offsite clinics. Their services involve but are not limited to: installation and server repair, computer and printer updates, network connection maintenance, software upgrading, and personnel functionality training. This department also provides telephone service to Harrisburg Medical Center and our clinics and internet service to employees and guests.

Materials Management

The Materials Management department is a support service which contributes to the quality of patient care by providing supplies and equipment to all aspects of the facility and its entities. Personnel are available 7 days a week to provide assistance through the acquisition and distribution of needed products in the patient care process.

Case Management

This group of RN’s and social workers follow patient care and coordinate care with insurance companies to ensure patient receive all benefits they are entitled to. The Case Management department also coordinates patient care after discharge – if patients are in need of medical equipment at home, home health nursing, or nursing home care.


Volunteers are valued members of our staff who make a positive difference in our patients’ and their families’ lives. Some of volunteer opportunities include:

  • The Ivy Corner Gift Shop
  • Patient Mail Delivery
  • Patient Care Areas
  • Special Projects
  • Admit/Escort
  • Gift/Food Tray Delivery

The Ivy Corner Gift Shop

The Ivy Corner Gift Shop, operated by Harrisburg Medical Center Auxiliary, carries greeting cards, balloons, gift items, books, stamps, basic personal articles, snacks, sodas, sandwiches, and cappuccinos. Free gift wrapping is available.

Hours Of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday

    8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Saturday

    9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

  • The shop is closed on Sundays.

All proceeds generated by the Ivy Corner are donated to Harrisburg Medical Center to improve patient care.


These unsung heroes are responsible for operating the gift shop to raise funds used to buy equipment for the hospital. The Auxiliary group at Harrisburg Medical Center also provides a bright spot in the day for anyone who enters the shop.

HMC Auxiliary Volunteer Benefits

  • Discounts at our pharmacy and gift shop
  • An invitation to the Harrisburg Medical Center Annual Christmas Party

Volunteer Services coordinates the training and orientation of all HMC Auxiliary volunteers. We welcome you to join our distinguished group simply by giving us a call at 618.253.0216.