HMC Missions

Donated Meal Program

Meals are provided to local churches, soup kitchens, patients who have been discharged from HMC who need assistance, members of the community, HMC staff in need, and HMC staff no longer here due to medical reasons.

Mary Smith, Director of Nutrition Services, contacted the Illinois Department of Public Health and found that HMC could donate leftover food from our dining room, as governed by the “Good Samaritan Act”. Policies and procedures were written to allow any HMC partner to make a referral to the Nutrition Department Management staff. An approval form for receiving donated meals is completed and kept on file.

The supply of donated meals is based on how many leftovers are available. All those who pick up meals are asked to call the kitchen before pickup to determine if meals are available. For information call Mary Smith at 618.253.0135.

Ride Tickets

Tickets are provided to those in need upon referral by HMC staff.

Guest Meal Trays - Free Meal Coupon

Tickets are provided to those in need upon referral by HMC staff.

Thanksgiving Meal Delivery to Area Senior Citizens

Harrisburg Medical Center partners with Golden Circle and Egyptian Area Agency on Aging, provide meals to area senior citizens on Thanksgiving Day. HMC dietary staff prepares the meals and volunteers from various departments in the hospital deliver them to seniors in our area.

Compassionate Missions Fund

HMC Staff are provided aid throughout the year when they have been off work and are out of benefits or in other emergencies.